Who's been to the USGA Museum?

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    Never been personally, but so close I may go this winter.  Who's been there?  Thoughts?


    Having been a member for over twenty years, you would think I would have been.....afterall it is a long walk from SC....maybe I should put this on my bucket list.....thanks for the  : )


    i was going to go last year after the FJA event since i drove right by it.  and to top it off, the day i was driving home was the Smithsonian's Museum Day, so i had a ticket for free admission.  but i had such an enjoyable time talking with fellow ambassadors at breakfast, i left for home almost 3 hours later than i planned.  thinking about going this year and taking the family, but might be just a little too much for the little ones.

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    Is there a thread without a ChuckZ sighting?

    I have been to the USGA museum... last there in 2008 where they had the hat Rocco wore in the 2008 US Open.

    It's a cool place if you are a fan of Hogan, Bobby Jones and Palmer. I probably should go back there as I am in the next town over for work once a month. I wouldn't go out of my way to go there but it not a waste of time once you are there. It is minutes away from Trump Bedminster and Somerset Hills if you can get on either one of those courses you can make it quite a golf day... don't forget to invite me!!!

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    I want to stop in one day.  Along with the golf hall of fame.  Maybe I can talk the wife into a weeklong road trip and do some travelling :)

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    Like I said...I wouldn't make it the main purpose to a trip to the NYC area