How many of you use an Apple/Mac computer?


    Random question, how many Apple computer users in the FJC?

    We have 3 in our house.

    Elegant style, great functionality, high quality materials, and longevity. And with the BOA, intuitive, innovative design.  Products seem to go hand-in-hand.


    I have a 21.5 inch iMac at home, plus an iPod Touch that I use on the road.


    MAC AIR, MAC PRO,2 IPADS, and 3 Iphones, reside in my home.  I use the Air and a phone.

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    I am a WIndows guy. We do however have 2 Ipads, 4 Iphones and a bunch I other devices.


    All Mac, all the time.


    Yes, I do...multiple apple computers...

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    iPad is mainly what I use. I need a new laptop, probably pick up a Mac Air soon.


    Windows here also......never saw a reason to change....meets my  : )


    Excuse my manners, welcome JackRock to the community......hope you enjoy the  :  )

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    We have a Mac and  a Mac Air, and I am still in the dark ages as far as being a techie. My better half also has an I Pad and she insists that  if you aren't using an I Phone (which I don't) you aren't using a real cell phone.


    Nope, windows here at home. windows at works. we have an ipod and iphone though.

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    Sensing this our with my new Windows Phone, a Nokia 928. Nice camera for a smartphone and a pretty cool interface. Lots of Apple products on the house, but my laptop is a Windows platform...I have a hard time paying the premium for Apple computers...


    Apple guy all the way.  Wife and kids are Apple fans also - makes getting the new toys much more fun...

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    apple all the way -- iphones, ipods, macbook air, ipad and mac desktop. not using but still have the half bowling ball mac and the colored clamshell laptop on a shelf.  


    Interesting. 9/13 are Mac users in this (totally un-) scientific poll. I switched about 10 years ago and haven't looked back.

    Much like FJ gear, I think that price isn't the only key factor in my buying decision.  Many people think that BMW is similiar to Apple on the car front, I think the FJ is Apple of the golf shoe/glove industry. I can't offer my opinion for sure on the clothes, yet.

    @JackRock -- welcome.