My Road to TPC Sawgrass, a moderately adventurous tale.

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    safe travels on the balance of your journey.  this was a nice way to document your trip to the FJAI,  enjoyed following it.  


    Don and Susan are on their way westward from Houston.  We had four FJA's gather this morning for golf at Cypresswood/Tradition course and had a blast.  No one played particularly well, but everyone enjoyed the morning.  Of course, Freddy brought his portable golf cart air conditioner along so he and Doug stayed especially cool, even when their golf wasn't especially so.  Doug and I treated everyone to lunch afterwards at the Potatoe Patch, known for its "throwed rolls."  Here are a couple of photos for the day:

    Freddy (FredCloss), Doug (DOGLOSKI), Ted (pulplvr), and Don (golferdrmjr) at Cypresswood, pre-round (courtesy of Susan M.).


    Shoes of the day.


    Ted's and Don's bags.


    Freddy's and Doug's bags. Note the home-made cart air conditioner.
    Third tee, Tradition course.


    17th hole, Tradition.  Driveable par 4, but no one hit the green from the tee.


    Freddy, Susan, Don, and Doug going to lunch.


    Don and Susan waving goodbye after lunch.



    Here is today's scorecard.  No wonders here.


    Thanks for posting the pictures Ted. And thank y'all for the Texas hospitality! I'm not sure I can say it enough, but these guys are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Ted made the special effort to get us all together. Freddy drove over 200 miles to play! And Doug put the top down on his chic magnet BMW. Susan thought his car was cute and he popped the trunk to show her quite a few boxes of FootJoys. We had a great time there and thanks to Ted & Doug for treating us to lunch.


    great way to work your way back home -  and the portable air conditioner -  that's something special.  thanks for posting - have a safe trip the rest of the way.

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    Shoes of the day.

    Great pics of the return home. Is that pic of your feet called FJ Shoe "!-orn" ;)  I really need to add a pair of white wingtips back to my collection. It has been many years since I've had a pair.


    What a great day! Those Texas guys were fun to play with! Ted already posted some great photos, here's a few more from lunch that Susan snapped.

    Freddy and Doug:

    Doug and Ted:

    Don and Freddy:

    Bread was broken (well, actually thrown rolls and muffins :-) and stories where shared. Good times, good times. All too soon it was time to hit the road again. I hope I get to join them all for golf again some day.

    Here's a nice picture Sue snapped on the way to Wichita Falls:

    And end of day miles:

    Knock on wood, smooth sailing ahead. :-)


    It was great seeing you guys at the FJAI!  Your adventures as shown in this thread are amazing!


    Nice coast to coast. Great pics, thanks for sharing.



    It was great seeing you guys at the FJAI!  Your adventures as shown in this thread are amazing!

    Chris, road trips can be a lot of fun. The best ones always have some wiggle room in them for unexpected extra good times!

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    Hands down, the best thread I've seen in the FJ Community! Love the travelogue and all of the cool stops and friends mets along the way! Thanks for this wonderful recounting of this most awesome trip!

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    Yummy beignets! Awesome pics and great fun with ladies and gentlemen. Look forward to joining you all someday, thanks for sharing.


    I'm exhausted after the flying part alone..... Glad you got to see and play with more FJA's on the journey.


    Man Texas is big! So back on the road up to Amarillo and the 40 to New Mexico:

    Wide open spaces in New Mexico:

    And of course my knock on wood didn't work, quite a bit of rain driving into Albuquerque:

    I know a lot of places would love to have that rain, just have to drive a little slower. Mileage tomorrow, cheers. :-)


    Nice picture somebody tell Freddy (hey who loves ya ***, besides Kojak?) to take off his hat when indoors.