My Road to TPC Sawgrass, a moderately adventurous tale.


    Where ya at now!

    I missed my golf buddy last week!

    Hey Todd, wish you could have been there! Just spent some time in New Orleans and eating an early dinner right now. See you soon.


    Man forget everything!!!!

    I wanna retire!


    So time to get caught up. Chris Garrett had a tee time at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club Ocean Course on Friday before he had to fly home. I was lucky enough to join Chris and Cole at this classic old school course. Very fun layout like nothing I had ever played before. Lots of fairway bunkers and mounding to negotiate around or over. Struggled with some consistency and the Bermuda grass but was lucky to eagle the 488 yard par 5 6th hole with two good shots and a three foot putt. Yea! Really enjoyed playing with Chris and Cole, both really nice guys and good players. Friday's FJ look:

    Chris waiting to hit and Cole in a bunker:

    The short 9th hole and club house in background:

    Another view of the course:

    And then back on the road west some 300 miles to Crestview for the night:


    And back on the road to New Orleans today:

    The miles rolled by and made it to New Orleans about 1pm for some beignets and coffee at Cafe Du Monde:

    Spent several hours driving around the French Quarter and the Ninth Ward. Susan had both of her knees replaced last year and it's still hard to walk long distances. There were lots of tourists downtown and Bourbon St. is a lot narrower than you might think. The city still has a long way to go to recover from Katrina. And then on our way back over the Mississippi:

    A really good dinner at Ralph and Kacoo's, go there if you can, and a room in Lafayette. On to Houston tomorrow.

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    Have a safe trip home...great  thread of what I am sure was a great trip


    This is the mileage from last night:

    And back on the road in Louisiana. The bridge over Lake Charles:

    It looks like you're going straight up!

    And then back into Texas:

    Short day today:

    Needed some chillaxing time. After checking in and unloading, an hour of pool time really felt good. Need some energy for golf tomorrow with Ted, Doug, and Freddy. Cypresswood/Tradition here we come!


    Loving the thread and all your pics and comments.

    Have a great game with your fellow FJAs tomorrow Don ... hope you scoop the cash ... might need it for petrol money back to CA.


    Love the pictures, be safe on the way home!


    Glad you are enjoying the trip home -  was really nice meeting you and your wife over that last few days.  

    Be careful -  I'm sure Doug will school you in the finer points of golf tomorrow.


    Thanks guys, we're having a good time. And it was really nice meeting y'all as well. Bobby, Susan enjoyed talking to Pat about bowling, brings back the memories of bowling days past. :-)

    The time we were there blew by so fast, I wish there would have been more time to talk to everyone for longer periods of time. Heck, I don't think I saw half of the people hit a shot on the range. Maybe we should stretch the event out to five days. :-)


    It was great seeing you at the Event!  Thanks for the diary of your travels....very interesting!~!


    Coffee is strong at the Cafe Du Monde

    The donuts are too hot to touch

    Just like a fool, when those sweet goodies cool

    I eat 'til I eat way too much

    Jimmy Buffett - The Wino & I Know Lyrics  

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    I have enjoyed this thread thanks for sharing your golf road trip. I think you get the golf road trip distance award. Coast to coast.


    great thread, thanks for posting this and filling us in on the trip!

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    Totally jealous of the beignet's and I love the state welcome signs pics. Wish I had thought of that on my road trip earlier this year.