Made me sick...


    Tar Heel

    Nice job Mike.

    Let's not forget, both Swoosh and 3 Stripes are brands that traffic in other sports arenas, so there are some, both young and old, who will like those brands for their benefits and attributes. The challenge for FJ is to stay relevant when their brand focus is on a single sport, golf. Certainly one can argue this makes FJ superior, but there will be detractors who take the opposing view.

    Stay strong FJ fashionistas and loyalists! We do offer more.

    We talked about that, Randy. He said he has always worn the swoosh for the sporty look. He said he want's some FJs just havent got around to it yet. I will keep everyone posted on the status of his feet haha.


    That's our MIke. Leading the young to the promised brand.


    Way to go Mike...that's a true FJ Ambassador.


    Nice work, I still wear a taste of lil TW, but it's dwarfed by FJ!

    I have taste of TW and a good number of swoosh hanging in my closet because many of the PGA events I work provide us with shirts, hats and outerwear that have that logo on them......have been giving them to my friends, who are TW fans.....they seem least they are going to good homes....have converted some of my friends to the FJ side.....they


    Sounds like some Adidas Brainwashing has been taking place!


    The FJ Force is strong with you Luke Mike!

    Always nice to convert another from the darkside ... and that's what being an FJA is all about, educating the uneducated in all things FJ.

    Well done!


    Darn kids...great job Mikey...good luck this season

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    Love the post on the "intervention".

    But I suppose that the FJ brand, until the launch of the M Project shoes, was more appealing to older, more traditional styles.

    FJ has really made a good transition to get the younger players with the M's and sports and will hopefully keep them in the brand as they age (and make more money) and get them into Icons/MyJoys.


    Good for you on getting him in footjoys shoes


    Casuals and Sports should be right up their alley.  You should show them the MyJoys and let them design their own (unless you have team colors).  The MyColors section would be ideal for them...Good work Mike!