Scotty hot potato HC


    Just popped up in store


    Sold out immediately! Tried to get one but took too long entering credit card info I guess! :(

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    Got a couple of them, don't really know why, but I nearly always do that.

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    kind of fun, i guess. Looks more like Gumby though ;)

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    I agree. Can't say it is my taste though.


    Got a couple of them, don't really know why, but I nearly always do that.

    That's how it starts.


    Fun headcover....tried to get one right away but was not quick enough to enter my payment info!  Oh well, maybe next time!

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    Not my cup of tee....passed on them each year. Wish he would pick a different tourney for which to make a cover for


    Never took up the habit.....If I really want one......I have a buddy who has every one Scotty has put out and every has their price....two SC putters is enough for me and I only use one of them......I have enough collectibles in my man room as it is......


    The SC marketplace, IMHO, is not just for typically is about people enjoying his "art" via headcovers, bags, putters etc... and gaming it on the course...not many of his pieces as Scotty says are meant to be hung on the the wall albeit there are a lot of pricey items!  I feel sometimes the SC marketplace is over run with people trying to make a quick buck and that is quickly changing since most of his headcovers rarely sell for more than their intial value longer term.  One has to deal with the *** headcovers and putters to make any real money on the marketplace.  For instance 1/10 headcovers will always be in demand along with the FTUO (For Tour Use Only or CT) headcovers .... putters are the same way.  Sometimes his LE Putters do well if you are retailer and get them for cost but otherwise I would give most that want SC items the advice purchase what you can afford, and purchase what you like and wish to game!  JAT