Preparing for an eventual arrival on the PGA Tour - Golf is young in China but Growing Up Fast



    Just what we need a bunch of illiterate  golfers, only know how to play golf.  What are the odds of making it on the PGA tour?  Another kid ruined by a father who is reliving his life through his son.  Sorry I am not PC.


    The athletic fields of the world are littered with the remnants of all the "tiger parents" who thought they could raise the perfect athelete for a certain sport. History shows it just doesn't work that way, now or ever.....


    Absolutely fascinating reading.

    How about your own electric car at 8 ? ... and I didn't even know they had international under 6 tournaments (in Vegas no less).

    Many have said that the new wave of champions will be coming from China, especially after they announced Golf as an olympic sport.

    ... and had no idea that GOLF was previously banned in China. WOW!

    Thanks GGG.


    The sheer numbers of people in China ensure that eventually a Tour pro from that country will be a star. However, it is entirely likely that it will NOT be a wunderkind prodigy pampered and reared through a golf program begun at birth. More typically, some kid will rise out od nowhere and work hard and become a competitive golfer...


    too much too soon. Let them grow and IF they like the game then maybe they can take it to another level. I have known several of these type of kids including one who won an olympic gold medal, and flamed out later. If you push too hard you set your kids up to fail.


    interesting read...too many parents live vicariously through their kids...


    I'm in India these days and practice at a facility teaming with juniors who are only focused on golf. Some have dropped out of regular school and have tutors. Others, in middle and grade school, seem to skip class on a regular basis.  I don't think things are as crazy as in China though.  I wonder how many parents in the US brought up their kids like Tiger or Phil and how many of those kids made it to collegiate golf/pro tour.  Unlike the US, colleges here don't provide scholarships for athletics so the motivation is only for the pro tour.


    I am curious how he handles life if he fails at golf. This is a bad cicurmstance of golf is all he knows and trains for daily.

    This adds no time to be a child. To play, friendships, sharing, caring, people skills and etc.... "learning to be a person"

    It's truthfully very sad.

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    What happens to these kids when they get burned out or find that they are not able to achieve the success that they have been pushed to accomplish ? They will have had minimum education and no preparation for the real world.


    I guess that is the cultural difference as well.  Our kids have choices of activities and choose two or more until they reach a certain age to pick just one.  American kids now get participation trophies/ribbons instead of just the top teams getting the prize.  We are getting into an era of children who will not be as focused on a goal as the golfers/athletes from the past.

    Just my .02



    it's going to be interesting.  like Tim said, we are becoming a society (in the US) where it is acceptable to fail as long as you try.  and to a point i am fine with that.  kids should be encouraged to try and if they fail, encouraged to keep trying.  but we are rewarding them when they fail.  and when we do that, it takes out some of the motivation to reach your potential.  if someone is going to give me $10 for running 100 yards, why would i run a mile for $15?  but in China it seems they are fully focused on success.  and if kids get left behind, they are ok with it.  it's almost a military thought process.  it's ok if some people died because we won the battle.  and last time i checked young kids playing golf is different than adults at war.  eventually you will see some of these young Chinese golfers succeed if only because they will be pushed so hard.  what we will likely never hear about are the ones that fall to the side and are left with nothing.

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    Asia is a different kind of world.  Children are pushed from day one by their parents to do "something".  Be it a specific sport, job field, etc.  They're very structured societies.  However we all know that in order to be a professional in something you generally have to have a special kind of talent.  No amount of teaching will give you that edge that some people are just born with.


    I have never agreed with pushing my kids into anything they really don't want to do.  Its one thing if they express interest and I sign them up, I try not to let them skip practice or games.  They committed to the team and they should feel the need of obligation to what they committed to.  If after they season or sport is done and they choose not to play again, then so beit.

    I was pushed into golf as a youngest and ended up hating the game and eventually quiting when I was 13.  I never touched a club again until I was in college and only played to get a few beers on the course.  Six years ago I started playing and golf hase become a passion that I truly enjoy.

    I think some of these parents need to take a similar approach and introduce them to whatever sport, but not push or force them along if they really don't want to participate.

    That's just my $0.02