Jessica Korda


    Thoughts on her firing her caddie at the turn ....

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    1. Golf is a mental game.

       a. She had lost confidence in her caddy's judgement.

       b. She scored better on the back 9.

    2. She is still a kid.

    3. Good luck finding another Caddy.

    4. I would imagine "Johnny the boyfriend" is replaceable also. Good luck to him.

    5. Sponsors should be looking hard at her behavior before signing her as a spokesperson.

    6. Agent and or parents should give her a word of advice.


    Hope he got paid!

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    I heard that she fired her caddie mid-round. Has she spoken at all about the motivation for this sudden and rather radical move?


    Of additional irony is this. Her sister was playing a couple groups behind her and guess who was on her bag? Their father. The running joke on TV was "I wonder if Jessica's sister can fire HER caddy?"

    It's a tough job. Rumor was they had been having trouble for a while, so wasn't a total shocker.


    I'll be her caddy, and I'll replace her boyfriend too. Kidding aside, things like this happen, maybe not mid round but they do. A caddie's job is to keep the player calm during the round and she played better after the firing so clearly it needed to be done.


    The caddies need to form a union and prohibit the firing of a caddie mid round in the negotiated agreement.

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    It was just shocking that it happened mid round.  Like Tar Heel said they were having problems before so I'm surprised that she didn't get rid of him before they started so that she could play with a clear head.


    The life of a caddie (thankless and dispensable or glorious)!

    That partnership just was not beneficial and thus....Your Fired!

    -ICONs for All


    I hear ya Whaql ... the first sentence anyway!

    Who carried the bag for the remainder of the round? If itb was her she may have a new appreciation for the job.

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    I hear ya Whaql ... the first sentence anyway!

    Who carried the bag for the remainder of the round? If itb was her she may have a new appreciation for the job.

    Her boyfriend (a pro) who was following her carried her bag for the rest of the weekend.  She stated it wouldn't last and she'd be looking for a new caddy afterwards as her boyfriend had his own career to tend to.

    I think she should've fired her caddy prior to the round, but going into a major I can see how you'd prefer to keep things the same.  I'd have at least kept him on until after that round completed.  There's no evidence that actually firing him caused her to shoot better on the back, she may have just settled in finally and played better overall.

    Either way, she's very young and this hopefully can be chalked up to a learning experience.


    With an over bite like that she needs to fire her dentist. With that dental work she could sub for "bucky ***" on the old Ipana toothpaste commercials.


    As Cyndi Lauper says  - 'Girls just wanna to have fun"  

    To quote Ms. Korda - " And I knew I needed to switch and just have a little bit more fun out there.”

    Despite the timing of the caddy firing melt down she is fabulous ball striker....230 Yards easily off the first tee @ Sebonack.


    Hope he got paid!

    ^^ Me too.

    But, ultimately it is her choice and if she thought she could play better without him, she was right to fire him.

    It seems like I can recall a similar situation just recently - not sure if the caddie was fired but I guess he gave a wrong distance and did a few other things.


    Hey, kabo!  Good to see you on line again.  Jessica did play better on the back and the next day, so I guess she did the right thing, just in an awkward way.  Just like with a coach or an agent, if you're uncomfortable or the chemistry is just not there, it's time to move on.