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Pace of play


    Thoughts on the USGAs Pace of Play awareness program

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    Good intention.  I am skeptical of it producing any results.

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    While we're Young ---- like the ads I have seen so far.  Will it help ? Maybe but those that are slow often do not think so.  reserve judgement till USGA studies and issues some guidance.  


    I think their commercials are hilarious. Love Clint Eastwood and Arnie facing off at Pebble..!! Just one step in a campaign - Awareness may lead to greater acceptance of steps that can mean speedier play. But it will take a lot of effort to get folks to change long-standing habits that contribute to slow play.


    Feel a bit the same bcp.

    But having said that I absolutely love the Clint Eastwood / Arnold Palmer while we're young ad.


    i'm glad they're doing it.  they need to really push speeding up play.  and really, there isn't much they can do except keep talking about.  they need to change the culture of am. golfers.  make it "cool" to play fast instead of "cool" lining up every putt from four angles.


    Everyone does what they see on tour, until they speed them up I don't think there will be much impact.


    Very much agree NCBob.

    When they are putting for big, big $ on quick greens the Pros are going to take their time.

    Unfortunately this spreads to the rest of the course and all those golf fans out there follow the lead of the "experts" on tour.

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    Great prmos. They might help speed things up a little but won't make a significant difference unless it is a long time effort .


    Glad to see this has been embraced.  It is truly a problem on most courses.  The typical round should never hit the 4 hour mark.  People no longer have that type of time with all of the other activities going on.

    We all need to do the same and set examples for all, by being ready to play and get through any practice routine in advance to your shot.


    In my opinion pace of play is also an etiquette issue.  Just as much as allowing a faster group to play thru,  repairing divots, pitch marks etc. With the moral decay of society being what it is, I see less etiquette and more hooligans out there. If the rangers where more aggressive in enforcing certain rules this in my opinion would be a non issue. I do applaud the USGA for bringing this to light, but in the end, it's up to the individual courses to enforce this.    


    The ads are great.  There's typically on major problem with slow play.  The guys that are slow don't think they are slow.  I play in a group of about 20 or so guys on the weekend.  We actually put our own players on the clock to prove that they were slow.  It has worked to speed up play within our group.  It's tough to call out your friends, but "friends don't let friends drive under the influence - or play 5 hour rounds."  :)


    SCGA has a "Pace of Play Pledge." Our course sends notices to the GPS screens if people are off pace, but that's actually annoying. Why? Because it gets sent to everyone on course. We got it yesterday and our group was riding up on the knuckleheads in front of us all day long.

    And I agree with Scott. The guys that are slow don't think they're slow.... BUt they are the ones playing from the wrong tees, looking for lost balls incessantly, and generally playing out every putt like it's the million dollar match.  


    I played in a men's club event Saturday and made a group mad by yelling "While we're young" to them.  They had one slow walker with them and waited for him before hitting every hole.  And of course he happened to be the shortest hitter.

    Thank goodness Bud Light Platinum was in our group.



    I had a Marshal on a resort course tell me he generally tried to use the rule of "If you are two over pick up". He had made that suggestion to the five some in front of us. I like that rule.

    My rule with my son is that you putt until you are finished. No marking after your initial marking.