Does the winning Caddie at the Merion get a wicker basket ?


    Normally a winning caddie takes the flag at 18 when his man pulls the trophy. At Merion does the Caddie get a wicker basket to keep ?


    Of course !!!

    ... but maybe they get to keep the whole flag stick, wicker basket and all this year.

    I'm sure that would have pride of place in and trophy cabinet.

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    Gosh,, I hope so! Love to see the winning caddy yanking one of those baskets off of the flag stick! Make a nice man bag to carry around the winning purse!!


    Pretty sure I saw a pic of Rose with a wicker basket stick.

    Hope his caddy got one too.

    Would be pretty tough to get is signed though !

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    I hope they get the basket. On a course like Merion the caddy doesn't get enough credit for  the  vital role he plays.

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    What a momento that would be!  Agree that the whole flag would be most appropriate.  How cool would that be?  Can you imagine the conversations something like that would bring?

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    I would expect that the caddy and player both get a basket! It was such a fantastic part of the tournament! I loved hearing peoples reactions when they realized that there were baskets instead of flags.


    defnitely would be pretty cool to acquire one of those flagsticks/basket combination.

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    Can't imagine how many flags Steve Williams has!

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    I'll take some Masters ones off his hands if he's having trouble with storage...


    Heard on the coverage that Merion has a guy whose job it is to make, repair, look after the wicker baskets.

    Hopefully they could spare a couple for the Champion and his caddy.

    If they need to train up a replacement could think of worse ways to sepnd my time.

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    Wonder what maintainence those baskets require....paint?