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    So I have a question regarding Ambassador status.  I try to come on the boards often but it doesn't always work out due to life getting in the way.  I'd love to gain full status and wear nothing but FJ shoes and shirts and am all Titleist through the bag.  How exactly do I get the points for making a store or shop purchase of apparel and shoes?  Thanks in advance for your advice.  -BJ

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    You can email Devin and let him know your order number for custom MyJoy's to get your points.  Retail apparel and shoes get credit in your locker under your profile.


    Welcome back Birdwell, join in the conversation and you will be there in no time. check the above link call FJ AMBASSADOR PROGRAM for the fine print details.


    You'll get more out of it by participating in threads, you can use the MyJoy purchase method, but more respect is earned by 'puttin in work'!



    As has been stated to many along the way.... this is a journey and not a sprint. Life getting in the way is actually part of what the Community is all about. You post when you can. Buying items like MyJoys and other products does help you earn points as well. Participation is what this place is about. That's why it is a community. It is about inclusion and contribution.

    But it does take time, patience, and commitment to the brand over time. I've been here nearly four years now, long after earning the FJA honor.

    Hope you choose to stick around and participate.


    Bj, if you click on the "FJ Ambassador Program" link above, you will see all the ways you can earn points towards becoming an Ambassador. Join us when you can and enjoy the Community.


    That's pretty much all of it, Bj.  


    Me, I had help halfway or so. . .  wish I had done it all by posts, but it was difficult for me not to create or put together a couple of MyJoys after a few new Icons.  They are pretty stylish and are great on the feet.  The "SHOES" thread alone are filled with great ideas and other thread/gears are awesome as well.  Not to mention how to care for them- the guys here will volunteer the info- just ask.  Awesome hangout here, what can I say.  Bottom line is the quality. . . But then you already knew that.

    Hope to read more from you.

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    All the posters before me are wise folks.  The best way to earn is to participate (you'll find many interesting people here, I'm pretty sure I learn something new from someone every day I'm on here).

    But you CAN do it through purchases - that's just not the fun way!!  (Well it does translate to fun because you get to golf in the new gear but you know what I mean!)


    Completely agree with Todd.  Come to the site when you can and contribute to the threads and enjoy!!

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    Good points all, and I think I'm uncovering the theme.  FJ is a community and earning it is more fun than buying it.  I'll have to do a better job of logging on.  My problem is I've tried to "disconnect" and spend more time on the course.  I think I can find the time to get on board and be good citizen here.    

    Thanks all for your comments!!  I hope to get to know you all better!  




    Welcome to the FJ community Birdwell49 !

    We discuss all things FJ ... and golf ... and otherwise here so log on when you can and enjoy the site.

    Unfortunately there is no real shortcuts to Ambassador status so patience is the key in that regards but keep contributing and posting and you will get there.

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    These prior commenters are wise people and the latest FJA Girlsgotgolf (GGG for short) shows that it can be done with posting.  I commend her for that and one day I hopefully will also "earn" my FJA status in a similar way.  I have asked questions of the community and have received very useful advice from the community.  Keep posting, complete your profile and good luck.  


    Welcome to the Community!

    Hang out, join in the conversations. It is a journey that should be enjoyed. We hope you will find this an interesting place to be involved with. If you engage in conversations in a meaningful way you will reach Ambassador status before you know it.


    Bw49 you're amongst the best conversations....Participation is key. It's a learning and sharing journey that grows friendships along the way....Welcome and look forward to your posts.....