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    Hey Everyone,

       As we see more and more forged wedge offerings from other companies I wonder if Vokey has anything forged in the works. Vokeys are the softest cast wedge but it is hard to compete with some of the nice forged ones.

     Any opinions???



    I don't really see the need when the Vokeys perform like they do.  To me it's one of those "If it's not broken, don't fix it" thoughts.


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    OU hit the nail on the head.  Vokey's are considered some of the the BEST wedges out there.  Why would they spend the time and money to change what they do significantly when what they're already doing is working VERY well.

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    I won a Ping Anser 58 10 in a tournament. I hit it well, probably as well as my Vokey 60 4. It feels different.

    To really know if the forged wedges suit me as well as my Vokeys. I would need to get a set of similiar wedges (loft and bounce) practice and play with them. For me wedges are the hardest clubs to replace.

    I don't think you would go wrong with any of the top manufacturers.

    Spend the extra money get fit for wedges. Buy the clubs that the fitter recommends.

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    Love the feedback and OU great point, why change it when you are the best wedge on tour. I just love the soft feel and have a set of both forged and Vokeys and bounce back and forth!

    Thanks for the feedback


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    I love my Vokey's and don't see a need for any change.



    I have hit a forged wedge and still thought the Vokey was better. Had a rep trying to give me a free wedge to put in my bag and I turned him down.

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    Wow some diehard Vokey fans here! I do agree they are some of the best wedges out there and love the pic Ty, money club right there!


    BV answered this question on the TT site last year.    You can probaly search out his answer there.    Probably too soft maybe.


    We asked Bob Vokey the question regarding forged vs cast and this was his reply:  

    We use 8620 carbon steel that can be used in forged clubs and we cast it because we can build the wedge more precisely.  It allows us to produce complex features and grinds, and we can control the weight better.   Vokey wedges are number one on Tour and as Pros, they can play any wedge they choose.  The fact that they choose Vokey wedges is a pretty good recommendation.