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BostonBuzza - Newest Ambassador!


    Well done!


    Thank you for all the kind words. This has been a crazy week to say the least.  

    Started on Mon with all the chaos, evacuated from a locked down bld.  Not allowed in bld Tues, went to the B's game on Wed.  Great show of respect and emotion.  Still get chills thinking about it.  Back to work on Thurs.  While I was giving a corp presentation, Air Force One comes by the 36th floor into Logan.  Locked out if bld on Friday.  And finally the capture last night.

    Just crazy, but hoping to get over the finish line today.

    On the course now enjoying a round w friends.

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    congratulations to BostonBussa on reaching the FJA status.  I am sure that it has been a long journey with lots of posts and several purchases of MyJoys.  Earning the FJA designation is well deserved.  

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    Brian, congratulations. Well deserved. I have enjoyed your postings and insights.


    Why should I wait any longer---Welcome to the club as an Ambassador, Brian.


    Congrats Brian, well done!!!


    Bravo, Brian on a job well done....Congrats on reaching FJ Ambassador !  Glad the Chaos in Boston has come to an end.


    Congratulations BB!!


    Congratulations Brian! Well deserved! Enjoy your new status, and don't forget to pay Tim Tiger your Ambassador dues. Otherwise, Photoshopping may result in less than desirable pictures of you. :-)





    congrats Brian good for you

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    Congrats on the new status Brian!  


    Congratulations Brian - welcome to the club! Has Devin administered the secret oath to you yet?


    Thank you all of the kind words.  As I sit here on Aprill 22nd, I have finally achieved the FJA status.  It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to be included in the same catagory as many of you.  For those of you who are still working on obtaining your status, I wish you all the best of luck getting there.

    It is funny to look back, I think almost 3+ years and wonder why I started reading, contributing, and learning from this community.  I guess I have really taken to this site and the people who contribute, the FJ team that maintains the site, and the people I have had the opportunity to meet through this site.  Let's face it, we all love golf.

    It has been a great journey and I look forward to continuing to try and contriubte in a positive light to many of the questions that are asked.  I guess the main reason is that I love golf and really love the quality FJ represents.  Over the 5+ years I have been playing, I used to pick up shirts from time to time, not always concerned about the brand.  I can now honestly say, I would be very hard pressed to purchase any other brand of shirt other than FJ.  Yes, I know I have picked up a couple of Scotty offerings from time to time that are not FJ, but I do like the Scotty logo's and creativity he brings, but I try to represent the "Mark of a Player", just wish my game was half as consistent as the brand of shoes, shirts, pants, and gloves I wear.

    Thank you FJ and the entire FJ Community for everything.



    Dallin, I have not yet been official sworn it.  Hoping to speak with Devin soon.