Need your help on a bet

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    So if you watched much of the master highlites you would have seen mowers constantly in the background while they where doing commentary.... Every single mower on that course has what looks like to be a tennis ball hanging from a string.. Looks like its attached to the roof and hangs right in front of the operator...

    Buddies and I have different ideas as to what they are for..

    My thought was for using this as a visual guide to help keep the mow path perfectly straight.. So th operator would line it up with say a tree and stay on that line until fairway/rough turns..

    Buddies think its for figuring slope angle to adjust the deck for an even cut... I can understand this idea however there is already self adjusting decks which would be more accurate than human ran controls...

    So let's hear who is right/wrong... Maybe we are all way off on the reasoning


    Just googled it for ya

    here is the link

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    From an on-line blog:

    The purpose of the tennis ball is a simple means of communication with other mowers when there’s a problem. The mowers use a lot of hydraulic lines internally to operate, and hydraulic fluids and oils will *** grass if spilled. As the mowers are lined up and cutting, the drivers are monitoring the grass of the mowers beside it and checking for any leaks. If a driver sees a mower is dripping fluid they will throw the tennis ball at the operator of the leaky mower and get him to stop immediately. Drivers are trained to stop if they see a tennis ball come flying at or near them (in addition to patrons walking near or golf balls hit close). This is a really simple concept that gets the communication across quickly.

    Even exclusive venues and organizations like the Augusta National Golf Club are no strangers to quick, effective, and inexpensive problem solving techniques like this.


    Communication you get hit with a ball you stop


    And I thought the tennis ball was another type of warning device: A simple, yet effective reminder that if you mess up mowing, you will be shipped to the city tennis courts where you will pull weeds from cracks in the macadam court surface..with July!!

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    You learn something new!!  Thanks guys


    Very informative.  I did not notice that, but it makes sense.

    Rebel, looks like the bet is a draw.


    hmm.....interesting.  i had never heard that before.  thanks for sharing!


    I'm hangin' one from my rear view mirror...  great idea for for those annoying text  while driving idiots!


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    Huh... Never thought about that although I can understand it having worked at our local course.. Had one greens mower hydro line go on me.. What a mess!!!!!

    Guess the *** for our next round just got a little bigger with this one being a draw


    I thought the tennis balls have a number on them so when the greens keeper closes shop for the night they can tell that they have all of the mowers and the other equipment put away