It's Baa-aack!


    Big Break fans, rejoice. The next edition will premiere May 13 from Mexico's Riviera Maya. Six men, six women in mized teams; Lorena Ochoa makes a guest appearance.

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    I can't wait!  Huge Big Break fan.

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    last winner Mark Silvers used to practice at my old home course over the summer a good bit. Real nice guy.


    great i would love to see it

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    This should be lots of fun to watch...Love to see the Golf Channel follow a Big Break winner as she/he use their prize winning entry into a top level pro event..How do these folks fare in these tourneys?  


    Ok then.

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    I too, would like to see where they are at right now.... The Finua brothers were from my state, and Tony is the only playing.  Gipper got a day┬ájob...LOL

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    Awesome, I love the show.  I wish they would bring Chasing The Dream back, that was really good as well.


    Looking forward to it.  Usually fairly interesting to watch.


    i really never get in to this show.  i watch it if i see it's on, but i've never made a point to watch it.  maybe i'll give it a better shot this year.


    I like it, the women make it more  spicy. with all dude's, it became a brofest at Greenbrier. I will watch.


    Should be interesting to watch......

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    I only record a few shows and Big Break is one of them. I want to make sure I don't miss an episode! Can't wait


    Thank you for sharing.  Do you happen to know what night they plan on airing it?


    It's usually on Tuesdays. Don't worry, you'll see plenty of promos on the Golf Channel before it airs.