Golf Article- Floyd & Feherty


    The new issue of GOLF magazine has two extraordinary articles/interviews with Raymond Floyd and David Feherty. Both are quite revealing and show sides to both players that are surprising in many ways.

    Mr. Floyd reveals how he nearly squandered his golfing talent until his wife gave him a good talking to. He also discusses some familiar tales of life on the tour in the early days, and how today's professionals, specifically their goals, are quite different from those "back in the day."

    Then there is Feherty. This piece is very in depth and really shows the sad, anstonishing brilliance he has. The frank talks about his additions to alcohol and drugs. How even today, his struggles continue, and how generous he continues to be in spite of those struggles. A real example of how the clown is laughing on the outside, but grappling with chaos on the inside.

    Pick up this issue if you aren't a subscriber and read these pieces. They are two of the best I have read in a long time in this magazine.

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    Thanks Tar Heel....look forward to the article.  I also purchased the PTWA association new book yesterday...Had to pre-order ($50.00).  Looking forward to gaining not only insight but perspective into the day-to-day lives on tour.  Looks like some great reading ahead.....


    i just got the issue but haven't read it yet.  i'll have to make sure i get to those articles.  i read one or two of Feherty's books a while back.  if you don't know much about him, it is really worth the time to read up on him.


    Got the issue earlier this week. Great insight on both. Quite different personalities and careers but both having ghosts they continue to address.


    both interesting characters, I will have to grab the issue.  I do enjoy Feherty and how he addresses his sobrity.  Floyd was always outspoken and a man of his own in my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    I agree - Excellent pieces. David Feherty suffers from depression. As he said in an interview with Donald Trump (!), he is missing the prtective filters that allow the normally functioning brain to cope with bad news - murder, war, general nastiness in the normal healthy person is absorbed  and may cause a range of feelings but with David, it is as if he is personally and directly affected - he has no way of crating space or a context for viewing such news and can lapse into depression as a result. Drugs and alcohol for him are self medications to deal with the overwhelming pain of everyday life. That he lasted as long as he did before seeking professional treatment is remarkable...


    Will make sure to pick it up at the airport on my way out to the west coast on Saturday. It is very impressive and commendable hoe Feherty is so open with the depression, I hope it being brought out like that may help someone else who is dealing with the same issue.


    Thanks for the directive to and perspective on the articles, Randy.....They sound like must reads after reading through pistolpete's comments. Now all I have to do is take my  GD out of it's plastic wrapper.


    I played a pro am around 1986 with senior pros  This was about the time the Senior Tour (now the Champions Tour) was getting started. I can remember Gay Brewer, John Brodie and a few others closing the bar at the Marriott in Bethesda, MD.  It was a 2 day event and just another one of their stops as they roamed around the country playing anywhere for anything.  I got to play with Bob Rosberg.

    As far as Feherty goes, he is a very ill individual and those demons will chase him the rest of his life.  He has his own way of coping by making a joke of his condition.  Playing tournament golf can be very tough with a lot of time on your hands and dealing with the pressure of it all, unfortunately many turn to booze to pass the time.