Pace of Play Pledge


    All golfers should live by this, nothing is worse than slow golf. Bad part is so many people try to do the same as the pros and they are the biggest culprits of slow play.


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    The Southern California Golf Association is sponsoring a program called the Pace of Play Pledge. Via the associations web site, you can go on and register and commit to following the helpful guidelines for keeping play moving. The tips:

    Play Ready Golf

    Walk fast or use your cart efficiently

    Get your yardage and be ready to play before your turn

    Walk to your ball when others are playing

    Read your putt before it's your turn to play

    If your ball might be lost outside a water hazard or out of bounds, hit a Provisionsl Ball (Rule 27-2)

    If you sign up at, you are issued a handy bag tag with these tips printed right on it. It's a ll a gentle reminder that as players, we can control the pace and the pace of those in our groups.

    i like that they give you a bag tag.  that not only helps you remember their tips, but others will see it and it will remind them if they know about it, or they will ask about it and learn.


    Be nice if you could get golfers to comply!

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    Drove past the home course pace of play problems here....just 24 inches of snow and more on the way.


    All great idea's but you are preaching to the choir. The players who are the problem do not know they are playing slowly or care sometimes.


    Agreed Ready Golf is the way to play...


    Great post, Randy, thank you!  

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    Excellent program! Members of foursomes need to self police, in a respectful manner. I think there simply is a basic lack of knowledge and understanding of etiquette in the game - Remind your buddies of these guidelines before you tee off...



    I love it...everyone should live by those rules. I can't stand 6 hour rounds.


    That is why my group takes the first 2 tee times.  No slow group in front, by the third hole no one behind either.


    That is why my group takes the first 2 tee times.  No slow group in front, by the third hole no one behind either.

    with my last job i had fridays off, so i would be the first off on friday mornings.  it was great.  wouldn't see another group the entire round.