would you want this at your course??

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    Yes, I would like that, I don't gamble, but anytime I am playing and on a par 3 you get a prize for hitting hole in one, if you donate to charity, I always do even though I know it's a 99.9% chance that I won't hit a hole in one


    $250 sounds a bit steep. $1m would be very nice but really what are the chances?


    thomas alston iiiAnd we complain about "Slow Play" now....

    The time it would take to process this transaction (selection, payment, play, measure, document, etc.) would have a line to the previous tee.

    -ICONs for All

    Good point. Par 3s are always backed up, anyway. This would be just another distraction.

    if most par 3s get backed up anyway, this shouldn't add much.  you would place your bets while waiting for the green to clear, and if you get it within the flagstick. you just lay the flagstick down so the camera can see it and you're done.  if you were measuring and inputting into your phone or something the exact distance, i could see that taking more time, but from what it sounds like they do, i don't think anyone would notice.

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    Um, no..Perhaps a separate hole away from the course near or part of a driving range would be appropriate. I don't want my kids to step up onto the tee wondering  how much to plunk into a kiosk  to win more $ for a hole-in-one. Isn't there enough gambling in our society? Don't get me wrong. a Nassau or other game that depends in great part on your overall score and golf skill over the course of a round is okay and is fun - But  this seesm a bit much to me - Like wearing cut offs and jeans on the course. Not my taste..

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    I think the idea is nice.  I have worked at a course for 8 years and can only imagine the backlash if a malfunction occurred or the image of player winning the bet is not captured.  Slow play would be an issue as well.  The other side of this is it could be an easy revenue generator.  There certainly is potential with this product.  I hope I get to see one in action.  As a player, I would stuff money into that machine every opportunity I had.


    This might be a good idea for perhaps one hole at a course, otherwise, it might really slow things down. Personally, I'd like to have a chance to spend $5 to win $20K.


    This might be a good idea for perhaps one hole at a course, otherwise, it might really slow things down. Personally, I'd like to have a chance to spend $5 to win $20K.

    i agree one hole would be good, or at most two (one of the front and one on the back).  if done properly, i don't think it will slow play down much.  there are much bigger issues to deal with that slow play down more.  (like not playing ready golf, looking in the woods on every hole for lost balls, lining up 3 foot putts).  honestly, i think the beer girl slows play down more than this would.  this should be a quick insert of your money and then go hit.  most likely the other 3 in a foursome will have their bets placed before the first one has teed off.  and if no one hits it within the flag-stick or gets a hole in one, you move on and play like you always do.

    i think this could be a great way to keep struggling courses from going under and help keep costs down.


    Chances are wouldn't  win the million.


    They had this at the course I played in Vegas. Kinda weird but I am not much of a gambler, so I didn't bet but I did hit the green and made the birdie though :)


    Pretty interesting. I'm not opposed to a little wager from time to time