2013 Round One


    Was able to go out and play round one of 2013 today. To the Staffers and my friends in the cold climates, my apologies indeed.

    I must say, it felt so great to post this score today......

    Happy 2013!


    SoCal is great, played my first yesterday!

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    Congrats!  Happy to hear you were able to get out!


    I had my first round of 2013 on Wednesday, 1/2/13. A beautiful day at Torrey Pines South. Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyone getting the courses ready for the Farmers PGA event. It takes a couple of months to put up all the grandstands and tents and all the other things necessary for the big boys to come to town. It's worth it though, just hope I get a tee time for the day after lottery. Both courses should be in really good shape for the tournament, they look darn good now.

    Hope everyone has a great 2013!

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    Can not wait to get going in 2013, will have to wait until next week tho as the weather here is nearly as wet and windy as Kapalua


    Played Jan 1, 4,5, and 6.  Great start to the New Year.  It was a wee bit chilly though.


    Played a course near the airport on the 2nd, wasn't bad wasn't great on the front nine. The dude in the clubhouse was like great day "no wind!!! " wind picked up on 11 and the rest of the back nine was into about 20 mph and it sucked. Played Friday on my home course and shot an 81 with 3 birdie's and a great start to the year :)


    Must be nice...hope everyone is enjoying their New Year golfing...I might not be playing until I convince Shaun to head west with me for a lefty invitational in Cali with Tar Heel


    Round two today.... And I scored my first Eagle out here in the west.


    Congrats Randy!


    The day was so perfect, we even got a rainbow over the 17th green....

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    Man oh man...Snow is melting here on Cape Cod, but it is still here and ground is frozen...and you guys are teeing it up, scoring, and working on swings, tempo, etc...seems like we in the northeast are missing warm weather!!


    Nice landscape Randy.

    Congrats by your first eagle.


    Nice picture, Randy!  It came out a little dark, but I do know how nice your #17 is.  Still a nice picture with a rainbow.

    January 1st, was the first day I was on a golf course, but did not get to play.  My brother and I were working on our game at the range. A couple of hours later, when we thought about going out, the winds got pretty strong and cold.  We went home.

    Saturday, Jan 5th was my first round.  Did not score well even though it was a nice day.  I wish I was typing an excuse for it.  But it was a nice to be out for the first time, 2013.

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    Great photo Tarheel! I got my second 2nd and 3rd rounds of 2013 in yesterday and today. Looking forward to a couple more later this week, forecast calling for mid-60's here in NC by the weekend!