12 Days of Christmas

  • has great items on sale for next few days (Dec 1 - 12). Dec 4ths deal was:

    for $175 with free shipping!!!!

    Cannot wait to see what is in there for remainder of the salecycle.


    -ICONs for ALL



    yeah....i've been checking my mail everyday for these.  and IJP is doing the same thing.  but those sales haven't been as good lately.

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    would love to have a bag like that


    These bags use to be the norm.  When I was a kid 5 decades ago, all bags were big. Use to caddy carrying 2 of the monsters, sometimes 36 a day. Now everyone uses a carry bag even on a cart.  I still have a couple in my attic. A Titleist and a Dunlap, use to have a MacGregor.

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    Sick bag...sorry I missed out on this yesterday.


    I use the Titleist Mid-Size staff bag right now.  Very versatile and lots of storage.  The materials used in the construction of the bag actually make it very light.  


    Love the bag, I wonder if you can have it embroidered?  Have to check it out.  thanks for the tip.


    Great Bag....Same type my Dad use to carry himself when I was a kid. Enjoy it !  You'll definitely be getting some added weight training during your rounds !


    Can't wait to see what's next


    good bag but i want the big one with my name on it


    but i did buy a pair of FJ Sport boa on today for $75

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    I had a winning raffle ticket at a golf outing many, many years ago that landed me a "tour bag" like this one - I lugged that thing around until the day I got caught in a rain storm. 15 or so holes in the rain and I was lugging around an extra 15 or so pounds as the leather soaked up the day's precip quite nicely - It now resides int he garage holding a very nice assortment of golf umbrellas in varying stages of decline.......