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Shaft Selection


    Shaft is the key as stated above, I love the Phenom 60g 3.8 stiff that I was fit for in my new D2. The gain in distance, launch angle and lower spin rate are amazing vs, the others I tested.


    I think the feel of a club is also important.  Most of us swing a little differently every day. So while fitting is important I think the look and the feel at impact also mean a lot.  As I have said hitting fairways is more important to me.  If I miss more than 1 fairway a round it was a bad driving day.  My group calls me down the middle Bob, among other things.

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     Shaft would affect the ball flight as others have mentioned based on kick points and flex.  getting fit by a quality fitter is well worth it.  


    NC Bob, I am jealous of your "down the middle accuracy".  I am happy to hit 10-12 fairways out of 14.  that is a good, if not great day for me.  I am picking you to be on my scamble team, that's for sure!!