Golf specific socks or everyday socks?

Golf specific socks or everyday socks?


    I just wear my gym socks golfing (low in white or black) when it's hot and when it cools down I'll wear my dress socks.  If I'm playing in downright cold weather I'll switch up to some smartwools.  I have yet to pull the trigger on some FJ socks, but I'm sure I will someday.

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    I only wear footjoy socks when I'm playing golf. I'll also wear them when working out or around with casual shoes.

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    Golf socks for golfing (FootJoy and Kentwool), otherwise, Gold Toes and maybe Nike. However - if I know I'm going to do alot of walking, I'll wear my FootJoys because of how comfortable they are.

    I have golf specific socks, but mostly because I don't wear shoes with socks most of the time. I am a sandals kind of guy

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    I have some very nice Asics running socks I will wear while playing golf.  They supprt my foot best since I left teh military and can wear normal footwear on a daily basis.  I will have to try the FJ socks, looks like everybody on here speak highly of them. 




    I have both dedicated golf socks and non-golf socks.

    In the warm weather, I wear the golf socks all the time, but when it gets colder I tend to use the slightly heavier non-dedicated golf socks. Both work well for me.

    My drawer separation isn't as bad as md's. I separate based on low or regular cut.

    19th perhaps a good idea for a new Footjoy product "golf socks for colder weather"

    Already available: Merino Tour wool socks - 17809 (black) 17816 (white)


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