Merino Tour Socks

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    Just got a few pairs of the merino tours and wore them today. Love'em!  And that was walking in temps around 95!


    After I bought my first batch, I loved these socks so much I stocked up for the future.  These are now my daily wear socks for work and golf.  Love the support and they work great whatever the temperature holds in store.

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    I might have to look into a pair or 2 of these.


    Check 2-packs of the Merino Tour Low Cut or Sport for $9.95 apiece. Merino Tour Crew are $6.95 a pair. Just stocked up today.


    Hard to pass up 4 pair for $20.  Stocked up on a few.


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    I picked up some of the Merinos in the sport and crew about a month ago and have worn them in the cooler midwest but on a recent trip to TX where it was in 80's they worked great as well.  disappointment that they will be no longer available in US.  need to look for some closeouts online.  

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    Here's about 1/2 of my recent order.  Removed some of the cardboard for travel. I've got about 6-8 pairs of each style of the merino's.  Absolutely love the comfort/coolness even when playing in warm/hot temperatures (95+)


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    Same problem.  I'm a 13N.  It's a bear finding socks and/or shoes that FIT, ain't it?



    Was looking online at and came upon closeouts of the Merino Tour socks at about 1/3 their MSRP.  I tried some of these previously and could not believe how good they felt on my feet so I figured I would stock up while I could still get some.  As I opened the box and started pulling out the socks I think my wife must have thought I went sock crazy.  Anybody have insight as to why these were discontinued?  Maybe the synthetics provide better moisture management?

    The Merino Wool, a natural fiber, provides better moisture management then synthetics.  To be honest they didn't do well in the states, the main objection being, "why would I wear a wool sock when it is hot outside?"  Little do most consumers know that Merino wool regulates temperature better than cotton or synthetics.

    We still carry them outside the US, as those markets are a little more understanding of the technology and thought behind the sock.

    I have a LARGE stock of them myself, favorite sock we have made.  

    As I was heading out on Sunday my wife said "You know those socks are wool right?"  I explained they're the most comfortable socks ever and that they're actually quite cool.  She didn't believe me.  It's a shame people don't 'know' about this sock.  I hope my supply lasts for a long time.

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    Agreed Josh. They are the best things going.


    I need to try this fabric...been playing the tour compression sock this summer and loving it.

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    I found some supposedly in stock of the black tour merinos and I'm going to give them a try.

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    Welp ordered em the other day and they're here already!

    I'll get nine in tonite and hopefully 18 this weekend.