How to Pair Socks and Shoes


    we got way too many fashionistas in this community!!!!!


    YOU GUYS !!!


    GH very interesting to see your White/Teal shiledtips.

    Can you confirm that they indeed look a little more aquaish in real life over the more greenish tinge on the myjoys panel ... or do I just need by eyes checked.

    Very nice either way, though.

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    Great looking socks!


    Styling as usual - Bobby, Todd & Randy !  Rock on FJ.....

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    Impressive fashion sense.


    Love your style guys, but when you are retired you kinda have to stay more traditional and on a traditional budget.......leave it to you guys with the big Ric Flair would say "styling and profiling".............wooooooooooooooo


    Could definitely see a couple of brightly coloured FJs in you future CZ.

    Think if you start with one there may be no holding you back and then ... watch out Charleston !!!