Tour players and gloves


    What if a player is in the top 50 for a while, becomes accustomed the PTL glove, but falls out of the top 50. Is that player still allowed to use it?

     Yes, they are still allowed.

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    Wow - that's great - I didn't realize you guys limited the PTLs to the top 50!

    I personally wear one glove until I don't like the feel of it anymore.  I do usually have 3-4 on hand though.  I've gotten gloves dirty/messy/etc and its nice to have others available.


    I would use a new PTL every round if they were free. I'm breaking out the PTL this weekend for my clubs 3 day member guest. Best glove ever!


    I would think they would autograph glove after each round and give it to a spectator.


    Good point Mark. At Colonial, the players coming off of 18 often give their gloves to kids.