Best Prize!

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    I won a FJ Glove, what a great prize!

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    Great job on the win and welcome to the FJ community.

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    Congrats on the win.  Enjoy it and welcome to the boards.  


    congrats and welcome...hope you stick around and converse with us...youll find a lot of great people here in the Community


    congrats and welcome! enjoy the community!

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    Congrats and welcome!   Stick around, you'll find out there is a lot of knowledge floating around, and bs :)


    Congrats! .... fun stuff is always around the corner in this community and I think you find the community a lot fun here at the same time! Welcome

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    The lovely prize I won last week.  Going to put them to good use this summer.  

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    Congrats to both of you and welcome to golfnow2!


    Congrats to the both of you.  CTiger, great pic on the PTL's....My favorite golf by far and away.


    Nice gifts, guys....congrats.......  :-)

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    Congrats, the best golfs in golf. I am sure you will enjoy them.

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    Had the new gloves out this past few days and gosh they sure are sweet.  Will never wear anything else as long as I can get FJ gloves.  

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    Congrats, best golf gloves on the market.


    Have all three styles in my bag......great fitting gloves.......