Proper Fitting Of Gloves? What makes sense??


    Ok , all comes down to personal preference I will probably have many tell me for the proper fit or as long as your fingers fit into the glove you are good to go...however how does one really establish a proper fit for a high end glove like the Pure Touch...after all we are spending alot of dead presidents on these gloves they should fit properly...any rules of thumb (ha-ha) anyone would have to offer??

    Also, would you recommend a glove fitting tighter at first knowing that a Pure Touch might stretch out over time??

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    One good rule of thumb is you don't want the closure to overlap the velcro. That would tell you the glove is too big. Anywhere from half covering the velcro to fully covering it is good.

    Hope this helps.


    I'm looking for a snug fit in my fingers along with no "slack" in the palm area.  A nice tight fit through the palm is what is important to me.

    Obviously everyone has their own opinion...what does everyone else like


    I wear a StaSof (although 2 Pure Touch on their way later this week!) that's just a tiny bit snug when new, because they always work in just a touch with sweat/twisting/gripping etc.  I prefer a fit that's a touch on the tight side as compared to loose, but to each their own.  I probably could go slightly larger.  I'll be sure to add some insight as to whether I think the PureTouch relaxes just a bit like the StaSof.  I wouldn't call it stretching, it just breaks in a little.


    I don't like my glove too tight or I find it wears much more quickly.


    That makes sense...I have often wondered if only half the velcro being covered indicated too small of a glove.


    I like a glove that fits snug as it gives me the most feedback on my shots. They do tend to break in a little.


    I enjoy a snug fit in the fingers and palm but not too snug in the palm.  The PTL is a perfect glove for my hand type.  The large fits like a glove (funny huh?).  I find that if it's too tight in the palm, I am losing touch in my right hand and can give me some poor judgment around the greens. 

    The PTL is the top glove and fits better than any single glove I have ever used.  I have also found it to be about a week more durable, which is definitely nice.


    "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit!"

    The glove must be snug.  I like to have the velcro on the back touch about 60%, because then if the glove stretches a bit, It's never too big. I guess I'm lucky, because the FJ size medium is just perfect!

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    Like most people, I like my gloves tight. Not insanely tight, but tight enough where I do not think it may be too big. :-)

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    I prefer my StaSof to be snug.