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Storing RainGrip gloves


    How do you store your RainGrip gloves?

    I am thinking I will store mine in a mesh pencil bag.


    at a couple tour events I have notice that a lot of pros just use a sealable zip lock bag to store gloves


    Given they are synthetic, we don't have to worry about them drying out. So, I store mine in the original plastic pouch. I reckon the allowance of air flow will prevent any mildew growth.


    I have always stored mine in a sealable zip lock bag.  Keeps them fresh and soft.  cz  : )


    I keep mine in the bag in their original package.   Haven't noticed any problem with any of the pairs I've had over the years in doing so.


    In the original packaging!

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    i agree with those that store the rain gloves in original packaging -- I now store all my gloves in their original packages.  Seems to keep them soft and also theyfit nicely in a side pocket of my bag.  

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    I store mine in my golf bag in the original package as well.