FYI: FJ Apparel 50% off

FYI: FJ Apparel 50% off


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    I definitely took advantage of that deal... picked up a few things..




    much appreciated Noel...have a great Sunday

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    Ya great deals out there N'ol!!!

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    I found a great deal  as well , Golf Locker is one of my favorites.

    They should come up with a smart phone app to make ordering easier, then again maybe they shouldn't because I would be ordering too often.

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    Good deal. I picked up a few pairs of shorts. Am definitely a happy camper.

    :-) glad to hear all your appreciations, guys... I took advantage of it, also. I picked up a couple shirts (athletic cut- new to me) and a pair of pants. I also had to try the compresion socks. I've always had compresion socks but the ones I have goes up to my knees- wouldn't look good in golf- I don't think. I'll post some pictures when I get them tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it.
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    I had looked at a few specifics that caught my eye, sadly none had the right fit.  It's near the end of our golf season (we have maybe 2ish months left pending weather).  So I'll have all winter to work on increasing the collection size :)


    Thanks Noel! ordered two more for the collection

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    Golf locker generally has great deals on footjoy stuff