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Bag -- Staff Stand or 14 Way LW Stand?

Bag -- Staff Stand or 14 Way LW Stand?


    I'm trying to decide on which of these two bags to buy: the Staff Stand or the 14 Way LW Stand.

    I would say that my ride/walk mix is about 70/30. 

    Club Access: The Staff has the a few large club sections vs. the individual pockets that some say keeps the clubs tighter and allows less movement. Which works better?  I would like to keep my irons ding free (am going to try out the 'Face Savers' this time around). 

    Access to compartments while on bag: I've read that the 14 Way is the same bag as the Sun Mountain Hybrid. SM makes a big deal of how all compartments are available while the bag is strapped in and that it has a path for the bag strap that doesn't impede access. Any one has real experience?

    Storage: Useful compartments?

    I do like the clean look of the Staff Stand but am not sure if it compromises in other areas.


    p.s. I'm in Asia and don't have ready access to the variety of products in the US... so I can't  "just head to the Golf Galaxy/Golfsmith" and try 'em out ;) 



    I'm a staff bag guy. Just like to have all the gear I might need ready at my fingertips while playing.

    Staff Stand is the best thing going... Need more colors!

    ^^^  Staff Stand Bag is an excellent choice.  Like Todd. more color options would be outstanding.


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    I really love my 14 way divider bag.   Either one you go with you won't be disappointed.    


    I have both and go back and forth...the 14 Way usually gets the nod since it is more versatile and easier to carry around... IMHO


    Great pic TT. That's pretty full bag!  

    Any comments on the 4-way dividers for clubs vs. the individual club slots?


    I don't have either bag, but my newest bag has 14 way dividers and I really like it.  It wouldn't be a requirement for my next bag, but it would help tip the scales.

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    My 2 cents, opt for the staff stand.  I have a 14-way and wish I didn't.  It's nice, don't get me wrong, but the large top cuff pushes away the ability to have more storage.  

    This could be because my clubs are 1" over standard, but from my experience, the clubs get knocked around more, not less.  Particularly in a cart, or in your trunk they bang into one another.  

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    That is a sweet bag Tiger!!  Very jealous...


    Mini, I have the SM Hybrid bag and it is very similar to the Titleist 14 way bag. In fact, SM makes the Titleist bags. I went with the Hybrid because I liked the extra rangefinder pocket in the front and I liked the way the top setup works just a little bit better. All the pockets are easily reachable when strapped to a cart and the strap path works well. I use it most of the time on a Clicgear cart with the woods all down one side and the irons on the other side. So when you turn the bag 180* to go on a riding cart, the clubs are just reversed and still easy to get at.

    If I had all Titleist clubs I probably would have gone with the Titleist bag instead. It's not a lot of difference between them, just a few little things. I don't think you could go wrong with either. Happy shopping!  :-)


    I have both, but the 14 way stand bag works well for carrying as well as riding. Shucks, it's only money. Get both!


    Love the Titleist bags......have a Titleist cart bag I use on my Clicgear and sometimes when I ride......a lightweight when I travel out of town or play in a tournament which has my name and TT on it.......use Titleist because I play Titleist equipment....  :-)  


    Got the Staff bag myself...really like it and holding up great!!!  I had the 14 way for a short period and upgraded to the Staff...


    I'm a staff bag player...