Mystic and Oaks Collections

Mystic and Oaks Collections


    Greetings. Just a quick note to let you know my order for the Mystic and Oaks Collections arrived last evening. I want to send a big thank you to my friend Rick, (19hole) for all his help and continuing support. Rick, you know how much I appreciate all you do!

    On to the product. I picked up some Performance Shirts (21711, 21525, 21527) this time around. I am a big fan of the Lisle shirts with the stand up collars. As always, great fit and feel. This year the Stretch Pique Solids add a nice little accent stripe on the placket and around the inside collar. It's the same material pattern from the striped shirts in the line, and really gives an elegant contrast to the solid dark colors. In addition, these two collections have some real richness to the color palette, which will make for some nice My Joys choices! In particular, I love the Mystic since it gives me a true Tar Heel color scheme to add to!

    I also snagged a couple pullovers, grabbing a 23316 1/2 Zip long sleeve and a 23164 1/2 Zip vest. Really soft feeling fabrics and nice, subtle touches on them this go around.

    The FJ Apparel just keeps taking up a notch every season, with every new collection. Keep up the great work team!


    Thanks Randy, glad to be of service.


    He-hey, Randy!

    Just saw this.... This is gonna be another fabulous ensemble you've put together, I'm sure!

    Well, each time a new FootJoy apparel collection are released, we here in the FJC and the rest of the world are all excited to see "what's new!" to say the very least. But, we also wonder what might be your thoughts and choices in the line up as one of the top FJA fashionistas. (Shhhhh...) We're very excited for you as we can imagine your joy and passion, just in case you didn't know (jicydk).

    Anyway, thanks for including all the style numbers for your selection. (that's a major tease). Of course we'd love to see pictures of them! (jicydk). LOL. :-)

    Hope to see them all, soon!

    Enviously jealous,