Play Loud: could you? should you?


    Wow, the kid has a good looking swing.....

    The clothes. Yuck!

    FF, it is good you are stepping away from the flame my friend. I trust you should be much happier and also much more sartorially splendid! I see you mention a pair of red and blue MyJoys. If so, I strongly urge you to look for the IJP red/white/blue tartans that he does. They aren't in the current range, but you may find them in the UK somewhere. They are splendid and would look fabulous with those shoes! I know IJP adds them often, so keep a watchful eye out for them. You won't be disappointed.

    Please return to your regularly scheduled programs!


    TH has the right fashion ideal for what a golfer should look like down to a science, trust in him and you will be very happy. Plus the IJP and Sligo product is made much better, so while it will cost a little more it last much longer.


    Thanks Shaun, I feel safe in TH's capable hands.



    The IJP site just added a whole new look and lots of new "On Sale" items, including the RWB tartans! Go check it out.


    As long as you like what youre buying, who cares! Rock on!

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    I don't mind colorful trousers, but these two just won't do !