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Renewing a rain jacket

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    Does anyone know of a product that can be applied to a rain jacket to renew its ability to shed water?


    Boiler... Welcome.

    My advice, go get a new rainjacket. Once the wear factor sets in there truly isn't a "renewable" product to help you out. Sorry....


    about 150 bucks and a trip to your local sports store and get a new FJ jacket lol


    I agree.   You have to bite the bullet and get a new one.   There are some spray applications, but they dissappear after a few hours of rain. 

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    If your jacket is in fact waterproof (it has goretex, or the like), and it's just that the outer repellency has worn off, you can use something like a Nikwax wash in for the jacket.  You wash the jacket with a capful or more of the Nikwax, and then dry the jacket, and it sets the water repellent on the shell, so water will bead up on the outside again.

    I use it on my ski shell at least once a season, and have used it on my ZR rain jacket, and ZR pants.  I've bought the Nikwax at REI before.

    Good luck!