Plethora of blues on Day 1.

    Fowler look great in the plus fours.

    Michelson in the same 'ol same 'ol.

    Who's your pick for the best dressed .. or best individual outfit at Pinehurst.

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    Stricker or Scott.   Simple and classy, as usual...


    Have to go with Fowler.  Especially when factoring in why he did it.



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    Brooks K.


    Fowler dressed very well yesterday. Day in and day out G Mac and Poults are always two of the best dressed out there.

    What dirt said!

    What dirt said!

    I can agree with Adam Scott, but not Stricker.  I like what he wears and think it looks nice, but not best dressed.  A little better fit and color would be needed to be the best.

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    Kinda bummed Flower abandoned the plus fours today.

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    Fowler's gesture was great. I like that far better than anything else he wears. Of course, I am in my 40's so it isn't really supposed to appeal to me anyway. I vote for Adam Scott- classic styling with a an emphasis on the fit. Not too big, not too small.


    G-Mac is the classiest dresser on the Tour today.  While I wish he wore FJ's shoes instead of Ecco's, I found he's look to be really well thought out without being too 'matchy'. In fact, it doesn't really look scripted -- it just looks classy.


    Stricker or Scott.   Simple and classy, as usual...

    I am a simple person and like the classic look......their look is always sylish and clean......good call   :-)

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    most of these guys are clones...swings and clothing. of course, the fj gear is awesome but they could do with more color options.  and g-mac's kartel gear and ecco shoes seem to work for him and him only. a classic look but verrizon signage always looks funny. fowler was looking rather dapper on thursday. scotty always looks sharp but at 6'1" 165 lbs everything looks great.