FJ Attire for Ireland


    Hope you have a great trip Mike.

    Keep posting outfits, pics. whatever as always nice to live vicariously throught other FJA's.

    Hopefully the weather is kind and don't forget the recommendations / do and don'ts for all of us hoping to get over there one day.


    Have a terrific trip, Mike.  We look forward to details and pictures following your return.

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    Have a great time.


    Looks like you're covering all your bases.  I like the grey pullover.  Which one is that?

    It's 24801.  It is a rain resistant jacket that it a little thicker for some added warmth.  Works great in light rain and cool temperatures.


    Went through and got most of my outfits together yesterday evening.  I think FJ will be well represented in my outfits for sure.  Even managed to find a little extra room for to add a third pair of shoes, the white and charcoal lizard shield tips so I have at least a little bling in the shoe department.  Most of the outfits are more of a winter style due to the climate but who knows, maybe the sunshine will make an appearance!


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    Some great choices there!  Enjoy your trip and I hope you end up with more sun than clouds :)

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    Lookin' good Mike!! Best of Luck and enjoy!!


    These ensembles all look great Mike. Well done my friend. You will surely represent Team Titleist and Foot Joy very well during your trip.

    Well planned.


    Those sweaters will definitely come in handy....great looking coordinates.....change your name to "Dapper Mike"

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    Nice collection, something that I am hoping ot build over the next months and years.

    Have a great time in the Emerald Isle.


    Like your style Mike ... and nice to hear you've added a pair of shieldtips as a little bonus too.

    Enjoy Ireland, play well and have a few pints for all of us in the FJC.

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    Nice looking attire , you should be ready for anything. Enjoy your trip I am sure you will make memories for a lifetime.