Starting the year off right!

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    I was torn between that one, and the new staff stand bag.   Went with this one cause it has the 14 way dividers the full length.  

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    Love the bag and have had my eye on this bag as well as the Staff stand bag.  How did you get the Team Titleist logo on the bag?


    Great setup to start the year off!  Great collection of gear to set the tone for the year!

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    That is a great start to the season, can get any better the FJ and Titleist

    Have a great season, fairways and greens to you !!

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    Looks like your buddies are going to have to step up their game to keep up.

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    I went through    They can have Titleist custom embroider it for you.   Or just go to your local pro shop / Titleist retailer and they can take care of it.  


    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing and for your passionate support of the Acushnet brands!


    Any Titleist account can order it embroidered but I'm sure Curtis got the all clear from Mike D @ TT to use the logo.

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    Awesome collection.