Lovin' It

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    The only good thing about winter here in R.I. is it really makes you appreciate the opening of golf season.

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    When will it be warm again.  I am in Mississippi and there is snow and ice on the ground.  This is not normal for us down here.


    Tar HeelChris, I have snow and ice here... It's in my drinks! Ha....

    OK, seriously. Now I know why every transplanted friend of mine who moved to a warm place was so annoying. It's so freakin' great to not have to be cold all the time.

    ***, I was cold the whole time I was in Palm Coast, FL a few weeks ago. It was 55 - 60 and cloudy, and the air conditioners at Florida resorts do not have an off switch.

    55-60 sounds like short and polo weather to me, it was a nice 2 when I left for work this AM (yes 2, not a typo). May see 40 by next Friday though........