Shirts Slipping


    In the past, I've commented that I'd like to see shorts and slacks with a bead of urethane inside the waistband  to prevent shirts from un-tucking during the round.

    Until that happens, I have found a solution in Hot Melt Glue Guns. Mine has a high temperature setting that allows the glue to somewhat work its way into the fabric and not wash out. It doesn't take much glue and, if your shirts tend to un-tuck during your swing, this solution may work for you.

    To apply, heat the gun and draw a bead about 3 inches long in the front, inside waist band. Then, allow it to cool completely before hanging, folding or wearing the garment.


    Have not give much thought to this problem.  My shirts are pretty long and stay pretty tucked within my pants/shorts.  But if this does become a problem, I will consider your solution.  Thanks.  

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    I have a pair from the "chevron" company that have that feature they also are pleated. I try to spend my money on FJ products as often as I can. FJ is a bit slow on market trends.

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    @fredcloss -- great idea!  A few of my shirts that have shorter tails or are the softer, technical fabrics tend to come out while playing.


    definitely a great tip!!! thanks for sharing


    It looks a good idea. Let me try it.


    Just be certain to use the high-temperature setting. The cool temp won't be absorbed by the fabric and may wash out or pull off. As a follow up, I've treated several slacks now and increased the length of the bead to go to the side seam - roughly 12". I've washed them and worn them again with excellent results. The polyester shirts slide very little and stay well tucked.