George Takei rated this 5 OH MYYY's


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    I think you need to get with Devin and come up with a pair of festive MyJoys for that ...uuhhhhmmm ..outfit. Do those pants have PLEATS?


    Found a pair for next year. But they might be skinny enough for Devin. 


    There was a commerical on TV recently about a Christmas party.........and I think they were inviting folks wearing Christmas sweaters.....hmmmmmmmmm.........beautiful tree.....Merry Christmas......


    Mark that is not me but Tim Tiger. Tim is much younger and has great photoshop skills which is the reason I am anticipating some form of payback.

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    Obligatory George Takei approval pic...

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    I can only stand and applaud your fashion sense little brother.  


    Good God. This horrid image simply won't go away...

    It's becoming the FJ holiday version of Twerking. Please make it go away.

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    Sometimes you just have to say no.


    My      Eyes


    Impressive sweater, not a lot of people could pull this one off.  At least TT has the excuse of having an adult beverage when this picture was taken and could claim temporary insanity.  -3 Points.


    Nice! ...."Not" LOL

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    Nice haha


    Now not sure whether you guys/gals are into the old ROM/COM, but think you rival Colin Firth in that rockin' sweater TT.


    Hate all you want.  I was enjoying myself at the ugly sweater XMas party.  Had fun and a bunch of laughs.

    All of your jealousy is being seen by the white haired fat man (B HOLLEY) this holiday season.