Exotic Belts

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    i have a gator, an ostrich, and a lizard.  good to keep a conditioner on them. the exotic is glued and sewn to cowhide or horse hid. they do stretch at a small different rate; but well conditioned , cleaned, and dried will keep them a while. Mine are about 15-18 years old and except for scratches they have held up well.   I do hang them w/ a small weight to keep them straight.  EEL is too thin; it tends to scrape off the backing and ruin easily.  Deer hide is great for boots; it is soft and strong.

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    TMI..... I am jealous'cept for the pink ones.

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    thanks for the advice


    Todo, that's a nice collection. As usual!!!


    This is pretty sweet -  I don't have a photo of my belts but have quite a few -  mainly from Bettinardi, Piedmont Leathers, and Druh.

    Wish I had the room to store them your way (I have too many shoes).


    "I have too many shoes," says the Hokie master.  Bobby - everyone loves that about you.


    I say he doesn't have enough feet.

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    I have a pair of lizard skin loafers but no belt yet.


    "I have too many shoes"

    This type of thing will not be tolerated here sir. There is no such thing as too many shoes.....

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    Nice collection Todd.  I have not gone quite so deep into the belts, but I certainly like what you have done.  I pretty much stick with Druh on the belts with a bunch of different buckles / strap colors to tie into the shoes or outfit.

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    Any black friday specials at Piedmont?


    There is one at Piedmont  20% off no sale items. I believe the code is available on the site.


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    WOW!! That is one serious collection of belts...I can see your true colors TNT, LOL!! I'm sure you wear them with pride!

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    My babies!

    Took me a real real long time to find that buckle Todd, but at last victory!

    I like how you painted yours.