Great Monday!


    Always a great day when you arrive in the office and one of these is waiting for you!


    The only good Mondays are vacations and holidays.  But this helps relieve some of the mondayness of a monday.


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    Great box. What is inside?


    open it up, lets see the loot inside!


    My latest apparel purchases. Photos to follow tomorrow...

    I will tell you, the new Carmel Collection is, how does Devin say it... BOOM!


    I will wait for tomorrow to say...BOOM!

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    Thats not like going to a *** club and they are all wearing sweats!!!  Not fair!!  


    Excited to see what you picked up Randy.  Lots of great stuff in the Carmel (and Gulf Coast) collection.


    Makes me smile to see this thread about you.  It's got to be exciting!


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    That is a great Monday!  Can't wait to see the new stuff.


    Randy the guys at your office must get sick of signing for the regular deliveries of new FJ gear.

    Can only wish I had the same problem.

    Look forward to seeing what's in the box.


    I've got a photo very similar to this one that I need to un-load from the camera.  It is a grand day when the FootJoy boxY ) ***es) show up.


    I know the anticipation is killing everyone. Better keep your wallets handy folks because these are some of the best collections ever; bold, vibrant colors and awesome new combinations.

    Carmel, with deep jewel tone purple and black... Merino sweater is fabulous!


    New Trousers in black Glen Plaid. Perfect tie in with Carmel's pallette.

    Gulf Coast long sleeve. The lime green and navy will be a big hit. 


    OK, cue Devin......


    Great looking stuff Randy!  I'm definitely picking up a few of the polos that in the first photo.


    Uahu! Is all I can say. Awesome.