Randy, this will make you sick...


    Kids have their own idea of fashion. Too bad it is another example of our mis-guided youth.  How did he play?  Can he back it up.


    Were the socks knee highs?  Was he sporting the Curt Rambus shorts too?  Come on...


    Demerit ! You might have to give out FJ Fashionista Police Tickets........

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    I always love the "fashion" I see out there.  Especially from those my age and younger.  I "try" to make sure I don't look like a fool out there (regardless of the logos I might have on me) but I see so many out there just looking ridiculous!

    I am continuing to improve my FJ collection :)  I find the springtime is the perfect time to do so!


    Standards need to be maintained!! I was quite surprised though that my Icons seem to have a snugger fit with a pair of FJ socks. Who would have thought it? Socks designed to increase the comfort of an already comfortable ICON: what were FJ thinking? Was it Primal Scream who sang 'get your socks off.. get your socks off honey'?


    Way to go Mike!!!

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    Sounds like a classic mixup of socks!