FootJoy is proud to welcome the NFL to the MyJoys program with all 32 team logos now available in hundreds of color combinations! Choose from the DryJoys Tech, DryJoys Traditional (spiked or spikeless) or Contours shoes and then select from a number of color combinations that are precisely matched with the colors of your favorite teams. Whether you're a member of the Dog Pound, the Black Hole, Buccaneer Cove, a Cheesehead, a 12th Man or just a big-time fan, you can match your shoes with your team hat, team shirt, team socks and team club headcovers. Vikings' purple, Giants' blue, Packers' green, Browns' brown (and orange)...they're all there. Click here to order your MyJoys. FootJoy player Ben Curtis will kick things off when he debuts three NFL team logos at this year's Open Championship. Click on the image below to get a first look at the shoes he'll wear this week as well as some you may see him wear the rest of the year and others that are sure to be best-sellers!

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